Furry Hoods and Dissatisfaction

Furry Hood #1

Any other Chicago girls absolutely freeze their butts off today?! It was a chilly one for sure! When I got back from my 9:15 class this morning, I looked at my computer to check the temp because my face felt like it might fall off. Weather.com informed me that it was about 9 degrees but felt like -5. NEGATIVE FIVE DEGREES!!! In light of the freezing cold temps, I sported my awesome Sorel snowboots and the furry hooded puffy vest pictured above. I also wore my snowboarding coat that has a furry hood. I probably looked a little silly with my double fur goin’ on…but I was definitely warm! :)

It has been such an insane Monday…just about nothing went as planned! Breakfast started out good at least! I made some yummy, cheesy scrambled eggs and ate a side of fruit salad.I was really craving some oatmeal, seeing as I have an empty peanut butter and am dying to use it for OIAJ, but I have a bunch of eggs that need to get used up before I head home Thursday night! So I forced myself to partake in some protein. It was actually really delicious. After my first class, I attempted to make some coffee, but it just was not a good cup so I dumped it out and decided that what I really wanted was a latte.

So I made myself this baby…

Courtesy of my Mr. Coffee Espresso machine

I made a latte with a splash of eggnog creamer and it definitely hit the spot! It was nice and foamy, and I topped with a bit of cinnamon. Mmm…it was just what I needed to warm me up!!

I packed myself a lunch to take to work. I made a turkey wrap stuffed with lots of turkey, some provolone and tons of hummus. Simple, but filling! I’m seriously running low on food since I’m leaving Thursday, so I threw in some other random snacky items to add to my wrap.

I brought a little snack to eat this afternoon because my plan was to head right to the gym when I got off at five. I ate my miniature braeburn apple with some almonds this afternoon at around 3 and thought it’d be the perfect fuel for my evening run. BUT my boss ended up asking me to stay at work late…and long story short, I didn’t make it to the gym until a little after 6. I had planned on doing a 60 minute interval run, but had to cut it short at about 48 minutes (a little over 5 miles). A classmate texted me and reminded me that we had to do a group problem for accounting. Frustrated and dissatisfied with my mediocre workout, I headed back and scarfed down tuna salad, lots more baby carrots, and a bowl of blueberries left me feeling dissatisfied yet again. I ended up snacking on a few yogurt covered raisins, PB pretzels, and dark chocolate m&m’s. Too many sweet treats are sitting around tempting me! I can’t wait to go home and eat really delicious healthy food with my parents.

So I am now attempting to do some accounting homework and then I am going to try to unwind and get to bed early. Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to make it go my way!! I am getting up bright and early to work out to make up for the past 2 days of crappy workouts (slash no workout yesterday)! Dissatisfaction is definitely the word of the day.

I hope your Monday was much more relaxed and much more satisfying than mine!

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  1. Hi girlie :) Cute blog! I can totally relate to feelings of dissatisfaction, be it with hunger or with myself this week. Ahh the holidays. :P

  2. Thanks! :) And I am totally with ya! It’s hard to make everything go as planned when the holiday season is so crazy! Have a great week!


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