Dear Bob…

Bob Harper's Yoga

Thanks for kicking my BUTT tonight!!! Holy hard yoga…if you’re looking for an intense yoga workout, Bob Harper is your man! This 60 minute workout had me sweating and shaking like crazy by the end. I also did about half of the 15 minute ab workout that is also on this DVD, but my legs and abs were way too shaky to finish it. Maybe I’ll attempt it tomorrow!

Is anyone else having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit? I can’t decide whether it’s the lack of snow here in Colorado or the fact that this will be my first Christmas in 20 years without my sister…but it just does not feel like Christmas around here! My mom and I went out today to do a bit of holiday shopping and it just felt weird. Hopefully it will magically hit me tomorrow ;)

OK! I have to fill you in on two things:

1. I’ve been wanting a pedometer/calorie counter watch for a long time now, but haven’t wanted to spend the money on a good one. But a few days ago, my dad got a Nike+ watch from one of his clients and so he gave it to me. Um….awesome!

my lovely new watch!

I am SO excited to try it. I think that I’ll take it to a track in the next couple of days to calibrate it. Anyone have one of these that can give me some pointers?

I also don’t have the Nike+ shoes, so I’m gonna have to try to make it work with my good old Mizunos…

<3I’m sure I’ll figure something out!

Okay, important item #2…Dinner! It was absolutely epic tonight. My mom and I tried a new recipe: Sundried tomato spinach stuffed chicken breasts. Right?! How delicious does that sound? We stuffed the chicken breasts with a mixture of goat cheese, plain greek yogurt, garlic, thyme, sundried tomatoes, thawed spinach, and a bit of olive oil. They were absolutely glorious. And beautiful!


They were huge, so mom and I split one, and dad demolished a whole one.

So I’m finishing off my evening with a cup of this glorious gingerbread tea…

….some fuzzy slippers, and the food network. Mmm…I love winter break!!

Merry Christmas, blogger friends!

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