I wish I had…

This Monday has already been filled with lots of wishes. I wish I had…

1. A straw to drink my morning protein shake with.

any straw would do!!

My shake was thick, icy and delicious, but not especially easy to drink without one of these little utensils. Might need to get me some…

2. A food processor, for making delicious homemade nut butters and other fun treats!

Any food processor would do!!

Crossing my fingers that I win KERF’s contest!!!


Only a Vitamix will do!!

I have a little Oster blender that currently resides in my small kitchen. It does just fine for most things, but I deeply envy my parents Vitamix. Maybe some Christmas or birthday in the near future… :)

4. A full sized indoor track at my disposal.

No more treadmill, please!

There is an indoor track in my gym at school, but you have to run nearly twice as many laps to equal a mile. Training for a half marathon on a tiny track or treadmill is boring business!

5. An unlimited supply of FroYo and dark chocolate.

I <3 froyo!

Heaven on earth. Enough said.

FroYo + Dark Chocolate = PERFECTION.

Well trust me, there are PLENTY of other I wishes that I could add to this list…but I’m going to stop being greedy for the day. I need to compile of list of “I’m grateful for’s” !!

Stop by later. Maybe I’ll be able to figure some stuff out ;)

Happy Monday!

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