Hi friends!

I regret to inform you that I don’t have any pictures of my meals this week. I know. I’m a bad blogger.

However! I wanted to post something so I decided that this post would be dedicated to YOU ALL!

If you know me at all, you know I spend approximately 14.8 hours of my day blog stalking. ( I even do it during work and in class. Yikes. I’m obsessed. )

So I thought I’d point you in the direction of some of my favorite posts/bloggers/recipes so far this week! I’m sure you’ve probably seen many of them, but if not, go check em out :)

P.S. A few of you wanted to know what I thought of the Arctic Zero ice cream I got at Whole Foods on Sunday…I give it a definite A!! I’m really not super picky when it comes to ice cream, and like I said, if I can eat the whole pint for 150 calories, I’m pretty much SOLD! It’s definitely not as creamy as normal ice cream, more icy. But the coffee flavor was delicious! My next try shall undoubtedly be Chocolate Peanut Butter.


Anyways, here are my current faves! Enjoy!

1. Jenny’s post on Self Love: I struggle SO much with loving myself exactly the way I am. Our society is constantly telling us that we need to be different, and it’s so nice to see healthy, strong and confident women like Jenny promoting self love. We all have little imperfections and quirks that make us who we are. Let’s embrace them!!

2. Janae’s post about overtraining: This girl is awesome. She is going through a tough injury and isn’t going to be unable to run the Boston Marathon because of it, but she’s handling it so well! This post is a good reminder that no runner is invincible and we can’t push our bodies past their limits! It’s been nice to read about her injury as I’m going through my own.

3. Jessica’s dark chocolate blueberry muffins: Only Jessica would think to make these. I want to try them ASAP. Also, she’s just plain hilarious. Her blog makes me laugh at least once a day.

4. Julie’s post on looking for the sunshine in our lives: Confession time! I am a Negative Nancy a lot. Chicago’s gray days have definitely taken a toll on my mood this winter and I legitimately have a hard time finding the sunshine (literally and figuratively) in my life. Julie’s post reminded me to recognize the amazing people in my life and be thankful for all of my many blessings.

5. Jenna’s peanut butter sandwich bread: Seriously? I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on peanut butter sandwich bread right now. I’m probably gonna make it this weekend. HELL to the YEAH.

6. Caitlin’s words of wisdom from a 73 year old marathon runner: Elaine makes me look like the hugest wuss in the world!!!! Holy amazing woman! I had so much fun reading about her tips for running…she’s truly incredible. Go check it out!

Sorry this is randomly ending on 6…but those are my true faves :) Please share some of your favorites if you want!

I hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out :)

    I’m so glad that you like the self love post, it means so much to get such wonderful feedback from wonderful bloggers! :)

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