Can we just talk about this?

You will never believe what is in there.

Today while sweatin’ it out on the elliptical, I couldn’t help but laugh when an episode of Outrageous Food came on TV featuring a place in California dedicated to crazy hot dogs.

By the way, I always ask the person sitting at the desk at the gym to change one of the televisions to the Food Network. I get weird looks, but it’s totally worth it.

Anyways, this place is called The Slaw Dogs, and they are famous for their amazing and creative hot dog combos…particularly that bad boy pictured above. It’s called the TNT Super Dog. And, I repeat, you will never believe what is in there.

They start with a giant 12″ tortilla, top it with homemade chili, a layer of cheese, sauteed onions, bacon pastrami, and French fries. Then, of course, comes the 10″ deep fried hot dog. They top it all off with a fried egg (naturally) and roll it up like a burrito.

Wanna take it a step farther? Some people request that they then dip the whole burrito in the deep fryer.

This thing’s a freaking beast.

I have been seriously craving a good old fashioned hot dog lately. Living in Chicago, I think I drive by a hot dog shop just about every 5 minutes, and I’m generally not all that tempted to stop in. If I’m gonna go for junk food, I’m usually a pizza and ice cream kinda gal. But after seeing the hot dog that Bess had yesterday on her way to the beach or the one that Julie’s hubby demolished from 7-11, I decided that a hot dog sounded really good!

I might make Ryan take me to get one soon.

Although, I think I’ll stay away from anything claiming to be a TNT dog, and keep it simple with somethin’ more like this…

I don’t think my stomach or my arteries are quite ready for the TNT super dog yet.

p.s. if you wanna watch the clip about this episode, go here. :)

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  1. yay!!! a hot dog every now and then can be just what the doctor ordered ;)

  2. Bailey

     /  April 18, 2011

    I saw that episode a while ago, and it made me want a hot dog so badly! But I will admit, the TNT dog was a bit much :-). xoxo

  3. Ah hot dogs can really hit the spot sometimes! Now I want one…
    Definitely not deep fried, though. You know what? I bet a deep fried hot dog is actually fantastic but my heart would hate me.

    • Right?! I might take the deep fried hot dog…but wrapped in a tortilla with ALL of that other stuff? That may be going a bit overboard! :)

  4. ahh love outrageous food!

  1. 24 ways to eat a hot dog | Death and Taxes

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