I’m a big kid now

You guys are freaking awesome.


Thank you SO much for all of your sweet comments about my injury and getting a better perspective!! It’s awesome to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with this from time to time.

How is your week going?? Mine’s been busy! Ryan finally had a couple days off from baseball so we enjoyed two days full of lots of laying by the pool, eating good food, and LOTS of froyo. Ahhhh, it feels like summer!

Excluding the last two days of chilling by the pool with my man, I have been surprisingly productive lately. For example, on Sunday, I spent about 5 hours working on my online calculus class. It sucked, but I got a 96% on my first exam…so I guess the hard work paid off!

Other big kid activities lately have included…

1. Entering invoices for my dad’s wine businesses.

The website is finally up and running! If you’re interested, check it out at www.sweetheartcitywines.com.

2. Grocery shopping



My mom had to work quite a bit last week, so she left me a grocery list and her credit card. Obviously I added LOTS of things into the cart that were not on the list.

Our fridge is now happy. And so is my stomach.

3. Making dinner.

Sorry for the awful picture quality, but this recipe is so good I can’t not post about it. Ever since seeing Jessica’s recipe for Grilled Blueberry BBQ Salmon a few weeks ago, I have been quite intrigued. I HAD to try it.

I make messes

This sauce turned out AMAZING. Seriously. I wanted to eat it with a spoon.

Instead, I brushed it on the grilled salmon as per Jessica’s instructions.

Served alongside some roasted broccoli, this dinner was absolutely delicious! Of all fish, salmon is usually my least favorite. But I’ll tell ya what. Anything drenched in this blueberry BBQ sauce is guaranteed to be amazing.

I’ve been making lots of other new recipes so I’ll be sure to share more soon! :)

In other news, I went to the doctor yesterday about my recurring leg pain and he confirmed that it is in fact a muscle tear. And the only real cure is, of course, rest. No running for me for at least a few weeks. He referred me to a physical therapy, so I have my first appointment tomorrow morning. I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes!

Tell me about your week! Any fun, new recipes that you’ve tried lately? Please share!!

Have you ever had to go through PT for an injury?











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  1. That looks like quite the interesting glaze–on a day I’m feeling adventurous I’ll give it a whirl. I hope your leg gets better girl, my calf is FINALLY better after 3-4 weeks of no running. It was treacherous.

    Way to kill the calc test! That’s impressive, calc was the worst class everrr!

  2. Ah that glaze sounds awesome!
    I hope your leg feels better girlie!

  3. Hi! I was reading an article about running and someone posted a link to your blog, and I thought I’d subscribe! Your entries are fun to read and you seem like a neat person to “follow”! :) I just joined WordPress so my page might be a little bare at the moment. But I’m wanting to grow as a blogger!


    • Hi Melanie! Thanks so much for commenting and subscribing! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog so far :) Can’t wait to check yours out!

  1. Back to reality | healthycollegegirl

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