Things that feel sinful

Often times, my mom will catch me eating peanut butter by the spoonful…

…straight out of the jar.

Something about that just feels sinful, doesn’t it? Peanut butter is totally one of those foods for me. I could easily eat a whole jar in a day.

Since I love plunging a spoon straight into my jar of PB, I am always ECSTATIC to find this in my cupboard:

A [nearly] empty jar!!

This is me post sweaty spin feeling much too excited about having some OIAJ.

You guys. This breakfast was legendary.

Extra bonus when I discovered that my favorite spoon was clean.

There’s something about long skinny spoons that I loooovvveee. Especially when it comes to eating oatmeal or ice cream. (Anyone else??)

Anyways. I filled this jar with oatmeal, and a heaping pile of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Alongside a latte piled up with foam and cinnamon. Still thanking my parents for this latte machine!!

This breakfast rocked my world. This is one way that makes eating peanut butter straight from the jar not feel so wrong. :)

Now we’re getting ready to head up on Avon, CO for The Triple Bypass¬†which my dad will be riding. I will be a happy spectator, sipping on a latte and cheering on the brave cyclists. :)

Say a little prayer for him if you get a chance! He’s nervous.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you get super nervous for races?

Have a lovely Saturday + Sunday, friends!

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  1. I totally know what you meant about the ‘favorite’ spoon!! Maybe it’s something about oatmeal (not for ice cream for me).
    I’ve never had OIAJ – so ever since I’ve read your last OIAJ post I’ve been spying on the PB jar in our fridge, considering to be brave and try one :)). Don’t encourage me with more posts on it :D I suspect it may just be one of those things where there’s no going back – you wish you had never tasted it because now you can’t control yourself around it :D

  2. Dipping it straight from the jar is the best!! Even better when it leaves room for OIAJ like that. Yum!

  3. Long skinny spoons are my favorite! I won’t use any other ones. Finally someone who agrees they’re the best kind :) hahah

  4. OHhhh giiirrrrrl, I am the same way (along with probably half the world) when it comes to PB!! As for the skinny long spoon..perfect! I hate getting messy trying to dig a small spoon into a jar. PB with these berries made my stomach growl with jealousy.

    I have never raced yet (signed up for my first 5k in December), but I suspect even though it’s just a baby race I will be a little nervous..but more excited! Have fun cheering on your dad!! Good luck to him!

  5. That spoon looks perfect for OIAJ! Mine don’t quite reach the bottom and I end up getting pb all over my hands trying to scoop it out, haha!

    good luck to your dad!!

  6. Just found your site and I already like the first post I read! Can’t wait to read more. Skinny long silverware for the win!! and your mug is cute!! Good luck to your dad!!

    P.s. you’re pretty!

  7. I wish that PB was calorie free because I’m with you on that one. I WISH it was ok to eat a whole jar in one day!

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