They did it!

Hi, my friends!

So glad you all agree with me that eating peanut butter straight from the jar is totally acceptable. Especially when it comes to long spoons.

Ryan and I were talking over breakfast this morning about how we can’t wait for the day when the nutrition facts on the back of a jar of PB read, “It doesn’t even matter because this stuff is amazing. Have as much as you want.”

Well after a beautiful weekend up in the mountains, my awesome dad and five of our good friends successfully conquered the Triple Bypass!! 122 miles, 3 mountain passes…12 hours of biking!!

While all of the hardcore bikers got up and out of bed at 6:00 AM to begin the adventure, a few of us got a little extra sleep at the beautiful hotel we stayed at. I got up at 7 to hit up the fitness room for a mixture of treadmill (incline walking), plyometric moves and weights. After a sweaty workout, a quick shower, and and awesome breakfast, we all headed out to walk around Beavercreek.

It was such a cute little village!

One of my best friends Paige¬†and her dad rode the Triple Bypass, so above is a picture of her little brother Eric and his girlfriend, Maddie. Paige and Eric’s mom Sarah was also with us! After shopping around in the village a little, we decided to start driving toward Georgetown, where we thought we might be able to meet up with our bikers.

Luckily, we caught up with them about 3 miles from Georgetown. It couldn’t have been better timing either…it had just started down-pouring!!

They were all more than happy to spend a few minutes in the car while the rain stopped.

my daddy :)

After changing into dry clothes and de-thawing in the heated car for a few minutes, they decided they were ready to continue onto Georgetown. They had already made it over 2 mountain passes…one to go!!

Paige and her mom

Paige, her dad and her friend Andrew

the whole crew!

Don’t they look good for already conquering nearly 80 miles?!

Paige’s dad, Dale, is a total beast and had already done the entire ride the day before. It’s called the Double Triple Bypass.

Insanity must be proven at registration.

we saw them riding a few more times as we headed up the last pass

The last pass, Squaw Pass, was the most intense of the day. Even in the car it felt intense!!

At one point, Eric got out to run alongside Paige for some encouragement :)

What a good brother!

As promised, I was a happy spectator, munching on trail mix and various other snacks as we leisurely drove up the grueling 12 mile mountain pass.

hi! :)

And even though they all admitted to wanting to quit many, many times, at about 6:00PM, they all rolled through the finish line!!

I was sooo proud of my papa.

mom and dad after the ride

dad's medal!

Doesn’t he look great for just riding 122 miles?! Everyone did so incredibly well.

After they all grabbed a bite to eat at the finish line, we stopped at Starbucks (obviously!) and made the 3 hour drive back home.

I tell ya what…I was thanking God that I didn’t sign up for that race guys!! Just watching made me tired and hungry!

In fact, just looking at the pictures again is doing the same thing. It must be time for a snack. :)

Tell me about your weekend! What was the highlight?

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  1. Oh my gosh that is a lot od biking! I am totally impressed by people who have the indurance to do that. Congrats to your dad and friends!!!

  2. Holy crap..12 hours of biking? Good for your dad! That’s awesome :).

  3. Cara

     /  July 13, 2011

    122 miles?! holy cow. my weekend consisted of a 32 mile bike race, and I was exhausted and proud of that! I feel silly now. Congrats to your dad and friends! Thats amazing!

  4. WOW!! So amazing! What a fun time..and that town looks SOSOSO cute!! The highlight of my weekend was when I started to become less nervous and more excited about work!

  5. This is awesome! Congrats to your dad! I would have been passed out on the side of the road when I was done!


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