I Love Healthy Eating Because…

When the weather is as hot as it has been lately, (high of 96 today!), I pretty much always wake up craving a cold breakfast of some sort.

This morning, however, I woke up with one thing on my mind.


Underneath that pile of Jif, frozen blueberries and banana is a bowl of glorious, hot oatmeal. I haven’t had it in ages! Alongside a mug of hot coffee, it definitely hit the spot.

I think the fact that this breakfast sounded so good to me was partially due that today was my off day. My brain woke me up at 6:00AM, but my body just did not want to get up and get moving. I felt fatigued and sore…so I decided to forgo my plans to work out this morning.

I’ve talked before about my slight struggles with exercise guilt, and I must admit that I did have to talk myself out of squeezing in a elliptical session tonight. But I honestly am not sure of when my last real rest day was, and I know that in order to avoid another injury…I must give my body a break!

So rest day? Check!

After a leisurely morning of reading some awesome blogs (yes, that’s you that I’m talking about) I got ready and packed myself a day full of food! I had along day of school and classes and knew that meals and snacks would be essential.

I threw together a turkey sandwich, an apple, some pretzels with almonds, one of the last Palisade peaches (!!), a Kashi TLC bar, a Carbmaster yogurt and a tupperware with leftover chicken sausage and awesome roasted veggie salad.

Oddly enough, it all fit into my cool kid lunchbox.

Don’t ask how I did it. I’m a magician. (I ate the yogurt as a mid-morning snack on my way to school :) )

As I was packing my day of food and uploading these pictures, I realized that one of the main reasons I love healthy eating is that it allows you to eat in such large quantities!

As I passed the student center and noticed the tempting odors of bagels and pizza, I realized that I could probably have just a single serving of one of those items for the same amount of calories as all of the food I packed myself for the entire day.

Seriously! I was thinking the same thing about my breakfasts. Consider this:

Let’s say I decided to cave and get a pumpkin muffin from Panera.

looks pretty good, right?


Well unfortunately, this one muffin ends up racking up around 580 calories, 22 grams of fat, and only 7 grams of protein!

Generally, I don’t count my calories.  I try to estimate to make sure that I’m getting enough, especially when I’m training, but I am not militant about limiting my calorie intake. However, most of my breakfasts probably end up being anywhere from 350-400 calories and I try to aim for about 15 grams of protein in them.

And although 350 calories is significantly less than 580, I think that my breakfasts tend to be not only just as delicious, but often times much bigger and much more sustainable!

Okay I got a little carried away with breakfast pictures and now I am so excited for breakfast tomorrow I can hardly stand it.

But for real, how awesome is it to be able to eat two or three times the quantity of healthy and nutritious food for way better benefits than smaller servings of junk food?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of junk food on certain occasions!

But eating healthy makes me feel better, it makes me look better, it gives me more energy, and it definitely boosts my mood and attitude.

Anyone agree with me here?!

What’s your favorite part of healthy eating?

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  1. I love this! I agree with it 100%. In college, there are so many unhealthy options awaiting us ALL the time! I like packing my food so I make sure that I can save money and eat well (and a lot). My favorite part of healthy eating is the lack of stomach aches. My digestive system is pretty weak, so I really need to eat well in order to feel well.

  2. I agree!! lol I love that you take the time to pack a healthy lunch and snacks for the day. In college there were days that I did, but most days I didn’t. I found myself hungry, but didn’t like the options at school so I’d wait til I got home to eat when I was starving. Not the greatest of ideas. Now that I’m done with school and mostly at home job searching, I take the time to feed my body right and I feel SO much better. :) I’m craving oats right now too..perhaps I’ll have them when I wake up!

  3. Completely agree! Love this post. Healthy eating just makes you feel better to and you eat more for less, win-win situation in my book :D

  4. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

     /  September 1, 2011

    Man this is such an awesome point! I actually used to work at Panera and watch people eat those pumpkin muffins and other pastries all day long. Meanwhile, I would be making “healthified” pumpkin muffins and cinnamon rolls in the comfort of my own home.
    The fact of the matter is that once someone teaches themselves that “healthy” doesn’t necessarily mean “no-taste”, they can start enjoying larger quantities of more filling meals!
    Great topic :)

  5. I agree with this whole post!! I used to eat a bagel pretty much every morning when I was a freshman. I felt stuffed right after I ate it but I was hungry like 20 minutes later. Now I usually have oats or eggs and I’m full until lunch. It’s healthier, tastes just as amazing, and keeps me fuller longer!

  6. Totally agree with you!!

  7. Healthy eating (and vegan eatin’, in my opinion!) make life better. I feel so full of energy and clean when I eat healthy. And I love being able to eat such large volumes of food. It makes my tummy happy to be so full of tasty, healthy food. And seriously, healthy food tastes so good! How do people live without fresh vegetables?!?!

  8. WOW! Dead on with this post! Plus, I totally agree with what Meridith commented. I can see the downside for restaurants developing healthy, satisfying food (ie muffins), they would have people buying 1 instead of 2 because it would keep them feeling full longer! That’s bad for business! I’m totally being facetious… but food should make you feel good and that’s my favorite part of healthy eating!

    • Haha good point, Miranda! Very few restaurants offer a lot of healthy options. That being said, I still do love eating at places like Panera and have just learned what sandwiches, salads and soups can give me a decent amount of food and nutrient rich calories.

  9. blissfulbritt

     /  September 1, 2011

    You are one smart cookie! I’ve never thought of eating healthy this way. I always put away a good chunk of food, and now realize why! My fav part of eating healthy is knowing I am doing good for my body, keeping it strong and healthy! I love creating healthy combinations that most people would turn their nose up to.

  10. Errign

     /  September 1, 2011

    I like that healthy eating fuels me through work and class and exercise and I don’t feel like crap :)

  11. I’ve been thinking A LOT about oatmeal lately, and realized it has been way too long since I’ve had it!! Hopefully this weekend I’ll have time to make a batch for breakfast, because mmmm mmmm, it sure hits the spot!!

    I agree with you 100% About your discussion on junk food vs. whole healthy filling foods!! It’s amazing how much more you can eat, and how much more SATISFIED you feel eating a smoothie, omelet, pancakes, oatmeal, etc for breakfast over a Panera Muffin or other places similar. I always find it interested in magazines when they say EAT THIS HUGE PLATE OF YUMMY LOOKING FOOD, or this one item over here.. it’s crazy comparisons and an interesting way to look at what you eat!

    Glad you took advantage of a rest day! They sure are wonderful, especially after working uber hard!

  12. I completely agree with you! Yes that muffin would be delicious but would it hold me over? Heck no. Would it make me feel warm and fuzzy inside? Probably but only until I realized it didn’t really satisfy me. Then I’d just feel guilty ultimately leaving me upset. So what’s the point?! I much prefer to start my day off healthy and maybe end it on a splurge :)

    Love your lunch box!! Your lunches look almost exactly like mine :D

  13. I agree with you 100%!! I’m always amazed when I realize that all the food I eat in a day can equate to a single serving of something in a resturant or at a fast food place. Plus, healthy eating makes me feel so much better! When I used to eat sweets or “junk” I always felt sluggish and tired. Not for me. I love healthy foods! (and you totally got me excited for breakfast tomorrow too!!! :P )

  14. I couldn’t agree more! I just started a new diet… er, lifestyle change rather. I LOVE it…. with healthy food you can eat 6 smaller meals a day and they are so filling and satisfying. Just like you said, I feel better and I know I look better. With healthy eating we can live longer and happier =)

    Sure pizza tastes good… but it makes me feel soo sluggish. I’d rather feel energized!

  15. AGREED!!!! (and now I’m excited for breakfast tomorrow too hahaha)

    I feel like eating healthy is eating for energy – I can go go go all day on what I eat! But if I have a giant muffin, I’ll be on a sugar high for like 45 minutes, then feel like total crap for the rest of the day. so much sugar in one serving also makes me feel just generally…gross! the “sugar coma” some people talk about? totally real.

  16. runningperspective

     /  September 3, 2011

    ahh girl I LOVE THIS because i totally was like JUST THINKING THE SAME THING! i love eating healthy because like the VOLUME of food i can eat is HUGE compared to what other people eat and i can be SO CREATIVE with my food! also i jut love that basically healthy eating = freshness! i love buying in season produce and changes of season is honestly something i always look forward too!<3

  17. amy

     /  September 6, 2011

    Jordan random question, I just found your blog today and was reading it and cam across a post that said you haven’t grown since 7th grade!! That’s wild, if you don’t mind me asking how tall are you? Were you a really tall 7th grader or just a bit short now!

    • Hey Amy! So glad you commented :) I’m not EXACTLY sure when I stopped growing…it was probably more like around 8th or 9th grade…7th may have been an exaggeration :) but I’m only 5’2″!

  18. I love that there are other people out there who eat frozen blueberries out of a bag. So refreshing, healthy, yummy, and easy when you add them to a bowl of oatmeal and sprinkle a bit a cinnamon on top and drizzle honey as well.


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