A Burger with Grandpa

Yesterday afternoon, my Grandpa Bill came into town.

my dad, grandpa, and mom

All summer long, he had been talking about his desire to come up to our house so we could go get a burger and fries from a great local place called Dairy Delite.

Well, when my mom told me that he was coming up for lunch and that we were going to Dairy Delite, the first thing I felt was frustration.

You see, it seems like the past few weeks have been full of reasons for me to eat too much non-nutritious food. We’ve had company in town a few times which always calls for fun treats, and I’ve been crazy busy with school which has also messed up my eating habits. Several nights, I have found myself getting home at 7-8PM absolutely famished and eating anything and everything in sight.

Needless to say, a burger and fries was really the last thing I felt I should be eating.

But wait a minute…who determines what I should be eating, anyways? I realized I was in need of a serious attitude adjustment.

If eating healthy is going to get in the way of me  spending time with the ones I love and including myself in what they want to do, then it doesn’t seem like all that healthy of a choice.

Sooo what did I do?

I went to Dairy Delite with my parents and adorable grandpa.

He had brought some pictures of my dad from when he was a kid…

He was so cute!

I don’t know what happened… ;)

I ordered a big old hamburger and french fries.

Dug right in…

(Looking super attractive while doing so)

And finished the whole dang thing.

Because who knows how many more times I will be able to eat a burger with this awesome 82 year old man who I am so blessed to have in my life?

Sometimes, my ambitions to be a healthycollegegirl have to take backseat to my ambitions to be a good daughter and grandaughter. It’s all about moderation and perspective, because I am so much more than just a healthy living blogger.

And hey! Today’s a new day.

I think I’ll have a salad :)

Have you ever had a hard time shutting off your “health cues” so that you could just have fun with family or friends?

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  1. I’m so jealous that you have a grandpa in your life. I never met any of mine. /:

    And yes. Family first ……………. before health?! hahaha

    Love the dress!!

  2. Jordan! what an awesome blog post. The kind of self-awareness you have is such a beautiful thing – I think it’s great that you were able to acknowledge that frustration but realize what your priorities were and should be – and then change your attitude and totally have an awesome time with your cute grandpa!! In fact, I think that kind of self-awareness is EXACTLY what healthycollegegirl is about, and I don’t think healthycollegegirl took a backseat at ALL. being healthy is so much more than the physical, in fact i think it’s way more about the emotional and the mental than nitpicking about every single thing we put in our mouths! and i bet you ended up having SO much fun too =)

  3. Aw, that’s so cute that you guys went out for a burger with your grandpa!

    I felt like that this weekend–ice cream x 2, pizza, tacos, chips…yikes. A trip to the gym and getting back on track with healthy foods helped me feel like myself again!

  4. What an honest post, thanks for sharing!

    I know exactly how you feel, sometimes it’s hard to chow down on fast food several times in a row when you’re on vacation or that’s what a social event revolves around. But you are so right, everyday is a new day. You can always start healthy the next day. And hey, anything in moderation is fine, and it’s so worth the social aspect..so I do what you did..head to the burger place and enjoy the delicious burger and fries :)

  5. I struggled with the same thing for so long when i was “dieting”. Then it kind of came back when i was overeating because i never wanted anyone to see me or my weight! I think you made the right decision by going to get that burger with your grandpa. I bet one day you will look back and think of how much fun you had that day! You and your family are beautiful, so cute :)

  6. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

     /  September 13, 2011

    Can I just say that I feel like we would be best friends in person? Seriously– your attitude on life & food in general is AMAZING!

    I’ve had several moments like this where I start skipping out on a event or gathering because I know the food wont be nutritious, but in reality– WHY should I!? We’re here to live life, not monitor every calorie that goes in. Even if you do end up gaining even a measly pound or go up a pants size, how is that even comparable to the moments you could be spending with family and loved ones?

    I really loved this, Jordan :)

  7. I totally feel the same way sometimes. I have found myself wanting to skip out on a dinner or something just because it involves eating out or eating out multiple times but in reality it’s about the times you spend with the ones you love! Love this post, I totally agree. Glad you went and had a great time :D

  8. Laura

     /  September 13, 2011

    Wow. Thank-you so much, I really needed that! I love your blog, keep up the great work!

  9. Yes, I totally agree! Sometimes you have to “turn off” healthy living cues so you can live in the moment and have fun with your family/friends :D. You are freaking adorable btw. We could totally be friends!

  10. this post rocks!!!! Your grandpa is ADORABLE and i’m so happy that you were able to spend quality time with him. Family > Food…you’ve got it right!!!

  11. Ally

     /  September 13, 2011

    It’s all about finding a balance between eating healthy and being happy. I love eating healthy and I can truly feel the difference in how it makes me feel, but there are times when you need to simply have fun. It’s all about moderation ;)

  12. jenandberries

     /  September 13, 2011

    You are awesome Jordan! The fact that yo blog about healthy living is just a bonus girl! Priorities are to your health, family and friends and morals, looks like you have a great balance, I think it’s all about being AWARE of what it is to be healthy and making the right decisions at the time. Because I’m like ‘the healthy one’ out of my friends, I sometimes feel as though I should maintain this role for self gratification almost, by having sides with meals like salad and veg. It takes a while to think wait, I actually want fries and that’s perfectly fine damn it! Your grandpa was sooo cute as a kiddo awwww

  13. I would say that you are right on track Jordan! I’ve been in the same situation but instead it’s with my friends at school. We’ve all been getting together and going out and lately I’ve been feeling a little blah about all the greasy stuff I’ve been eating. But once I look back on the pictures and think of all the new memories…it has all been worth every bite :)

  14. You are AWESOME!!! I used to have this frustration and anxiety about eating out ALL the time. Sometimes I find it hard to balance eating out when I really don’t want to, but like you said sometimes the healthy life can take a back seat for a meal. Moderation is key. You look so much like your dad..he and your mama made one gorgeous girl!

  15. What a FUN FUN weekend! I so agree girl- the memories are so worth it. when we get older, WHO we were with will be so much more important than WHAT we ate!! LOVE YOU! you rock!

  16. This is an awesome post, Jordan. It can be so hard when you’re in the moment to make that choice, choose relationships and life over “health” and control, but it is always worth it. So glad you have learned that lesson and embraced health as a whole rather than just physical health. I used to be terrified everytime my grandfather took my family out for dinner or dessert, because I was scared that nothing on the menu would be “healthy” enough for me. I was tearing up as I read this, because I would do ANYTHING (or eat anything, I guess?) to have one more chance to go out with my Grandpa. We’d probaby get ice cream- that was his favorite. :)

  17. Oh yes.. I know how you felt with the frustrations.. but I’ve come to realize that being able to dig in and let go, especially when it involves time with loved ones.. is EQUALLY as healthy.. probably more so then NOT enjoying a burger and fries :) I mean.. there are veggies on the burger? And Fries are potatoes? Right!??! RIGHT!?!? Haha!!

    Your Grandpa is so cute!! GREAT POST, Jordan!!

  18. Your grandpa is darling.. so flippin’ cute! It is so hard to eat as healthy as I’d like while balancing school, work, army stuff, and an internship. Tonight I came home and wanted to eat EVERYTHING in the world. But at least we know when it’s okay to let life take the front seat sometimes :)

  19. OMG I have done this too many times!! I would always used to make excuses not to go places or do certain things because I was scared to eat what was being served! Ugh. But its so not worth it – people matter more than anything else in life! and you know what, every food has its place in your diet. It’s still a HUGE challenge for me to bite the bullet and do things like that, so reading this really made me smile – all you do is WIN! And I bet your grandpa was just THRILLED to get to eat at his favorite place and see his granddaughter!! :-D

    • It’s still a big challenge for me too! I’m so glad I was able to spend the day enjoying my grandpa without worrying about it too much. Thanks for commenting, Kate! :)

  20. I’m so happy that you decided that the mentality you had wasn’t healthy, and you decided to get a burger and fries! :D I think to have healthy body, you gotta have a healthy mind.

    Have a great rest of your day :)

  21. So so sweet that you gave up your healthy mindset to indulge in a burger with your grandpa. Everything in moderation, right? Love this post, it was adorable :)

  22. runningperspective

     /  September 15, 2011

    I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE!!!!!!!! oh and your family is like the most attractive family evaaa and your g-pop is too cute!! but honestly girl i want your attitude you have such a great way of looking at things!!!<3 love youuuu!

  23. Rachel

     /  September 16, 2011

    i think this is a great attitude to have! obviously you aren’t eating a burger and fries every day of your life, so having it once in a while is totally fine! healthy eating is a lifestyle, one that can adapt to things like eating out with adorable grandpas (i’m envious, i never met either of mine), and enjoying a nice heaping salty stack of fries. who are we kidding, they’re delicious!

  24. I actually don’t really have a hard time shutting off my health cues when I’m celebrating w/ friends and fam. I do sometimes feel guilty afterwards (or even before), but I know that life is about living and I try my best to make the most out of special occasions (such as a visit from grandpa!). I’m glad you were able to find balance and make everything work out for you. Burgers rock!
    PS – you look just like your dad!

  25. This is such a great attitude you have… I need to work on having a similar one. Life is all about balance and I have to remember that :)

  26. What a beautiful family! and yes…I do feel at times like I’m being lame when I’m with friends and family because I eat a certain way and I mean, let’s face it…nobody likes to hang out with someone who is constantly a health nut. So I say enjoy the smaller things in life and everything else will fall into place after.

  27. kaliesthoughts

     /  September 18, 2011


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