I miss YOU!

My dear, dear friends!!

Oh how I have missed you. I have not read (and obviously have not written) any blog posts in such a long time!

Life has not slowed down one bit, believe it or not. Between school, recruiting with accounting firms, and working, I am up to my nose in stress!!

Being stressed and busy like this makes me so nostalgic for summertime. I had tons of time to do anything I wanted. Like…

Laying out by the pool!

Planning and cooking delicious, healthy meals and trying new recipes.

Having the time to exercise at any time of the day (and do anything I wanted!)

Being with family.

Being with this boy that I miss terribly!!!


Isn’t summer glorious?!

But as much as I miss all of this stuff, I have to remind myself to adjust my attitude and look around at all of the stuff that I am thankful for right now.

I absolutely adore fall in Colorado! I’m loving…

All things pumpkin!

Pumpkin black bean soup!

 Courtesy of Courtney’s blog!

pumpkin bread the "naughty way"...no healthy substitutions here, people!

pumpkin pie for breakfast :)

pumpkin spice lattes

The gorgeous, changing leaves.

The cool, crisp air and bright sun.

Fun fall decorations.

Warm, comforting meals.

Another picture of the pumpkin black bean soup…you guys MUST make this meal. This soup was amazing and we made grilled cheese with rye bread and jarslberg cheese to go with. To. Die. For.

The drawing near of the holidays!

(source, source and source)

Sometimes, I just need to adjust my attitude and get a little perspective. I think too often I spend my time wishing I was in a different place or a different time of life. I end up missing out on all of the wonderful things that I should be enjoying right now!

That being said…there is one thing that I miss about summer that I forgot to mention…

I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!! All of my wonderful blogger friends, readers, commenters…I miss talking with you and reading your blogs and comments more than you know. I miss reading about your lives and getting new tips for meals and workouts. I hate that blogging has had to take backseat to school and work and internship hunting. I hope that in the next few weeks, life will slow down and I will be able to catch up with you all once again. Just know that I am still here and thinking about you daily! :) I hope you are doing well!

Love you guys!!

Tell me something you miss about summer…and something you’re LOVING about fall!

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous pics… definitely put me into the fall mood (as if the gold leaves outside weren’t enough)! I really liked the pic of the flowers in the pitcher, so cute :)
    …Welcome back!

  2. Aw I miss you too!!! But, I totally understand where you’re coming from and I’ll be here waiting for you :D. I LOVE that pumpkin black bean soup- I made it several weeks ago and it was fantastic! I miss that I was able to see my bf almost everyday during the summer and now he’s in Florida and I’m in Boston. But, I love the fall weather and all things pumpkin!

  3. Babygirrrrll, you have no idea how much you are missed when you are away!! Life comes first of course so blogging must come second to that! I hope you can de-stress a bit soon! I am obsessed with fall. October is my favorite month. The cold crisp air, but sunny skies combined together are THE BEST!! I don’t miss this past summer because I did things backwards, I went to school in the summer and am now off for a little bit. LOVE YOU!!

  4. jenandberries

     /  October 18, 2011

    The soup looks yummy yummy I’ve just bookmarked it for halloween ;). The house looks beautiful with all the autumnyness going on, the reef is gorgeous! Looks like you’ve had an awesome time recently but I’ve missed you!! I am definitely going to miss wearing my little shorts and running shoes now summer’s disappearing but am excited for autumn walks wearing scarves and hearing those leaves crunching ;p

  5. runningperspective

     /  October 18, 2011

    i am totally LOVING the fall decorations and even just the SMELLS of fall so muchh!!
    and girl we miss you too!!! but dont stress!! get yourself all in order and deal with it all one at a timeee!!! but we cant wait till it all slows down and you come backkk<3

  6. Wow your summer sounded so nice : ) I worked through most of it, but I miss the longer days, getting out of work when it’s still light out haha. What I LOVE about fall is the beautiful running weather!

  7. I completely know how you feel, but this was a wonderful post to share with all of us. Life can get crazy busy sometimes, and you need to put yourself FIRST! I love that you’re trying to enjoy what’s going on around you rather than wishing for old times or future times. The present is so important! Love!

  8. We miss you too gorgeous! I feel you 100%–I think I’ve written three posts in the past month. I have school, ROTC/National Guard stuff, an internship and two jobs. That leads to no blogging =(
    Luckily I’m starting to make better priorities on weekends so I should be around more.

    I miss my tan from this summer. Being a lifeguard I get nice and bronze now I’m pasty. But I LOVE the crisp fall air and pretty leaves. But I think the sound of crunchy leaves takes the cake. Remember to smile and relax =)

  9. awww I MISS YOU TOO!! and I’m totally the same way a lot of the time – either “I can’t wait until……” or “I wish I could go back to……” eating summer berries for sure! haha. But fall is my favorite time of year, so there’s definitely a LOT to be happy about at the moment :)

    And YAY for getting back into running!! don’t worry, I feel like a wimp too when I’m just getting back to it….I actually get nervous before those first few runs – I’m like “omg do I remember how to do this?” ahaha.

    GLad you’re back!! :D

  10. Miss you too, munchkin! :) I miss the warm summer nights, but not TOO much because fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the early, cool fall mornings and mugs of pumpkin spice coffee.

  11. All your meals look so stinkin goood!! Grilled cheese, pumpkin soup, and that pumpkin pie breakfast!! Im so glad youre slowing down to realize you have to enjoy whats in your life right now before you miss it. I often forget that too. I miss all my friends being home from college for the summer. But I do love all the holidays of fall that cause my family to get together more often.

  12. I miss the golden glow that summer creates- not just on my skin but the way it surrounds everything.
    Something I love about fall? Pumpkin everywhere!

    Great photos girl, glad you’re back :D

  13. This summer I was living in Orlando. I miss the friends I had there, being able to go to Disney every weekend, etc etc.

    Now I’m living in St. Louis, I am loving the weather here. I’m experiencing seasons for the first time. Seeing leaves change. It’s awesome.

  14. all things pumpkin…that describes my eats as of late, too. It’s just too good! I really want to make a soup or chili with it soon!

  15. looks like you have been having fun :) and the thing i love about fall is….PUMPKIN! i love it :)

  16. I MISS YOU TOO!!
    Your blog is one of my absolute favourites so don’t worry about losing me, I’ll just wait for your posts :-)
    I’m just glad you had such a great summer and just see this season as another one to enjoy, even with all of the stress!
    Love the fall (autumn for me :-P) decorations and eats, I really need to try a pumpkin spice latte!
    I hope school, work and internship hunting is going well :-)
    One of my favourite things about this season is the delicious, warm and comforting food!

  17. Awww I totally feel you on being stressed girl!! I am loving pumpkin and I can’t get enough :D haha we miss you!!

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