Where I fell in love with running

Okay…I’m not gonna lie.

I feel like a bit of a healthy living blogger failure.

I have been seriously, seriously lacking in motivation lately, both when it comes to working out and eating healthy.

I think that being so busy and stressed out has really taken a toll on my energy levels and desire to workout. It could have something to do with the change of seasons too, because all I want lately is comfort food.

The other night, after I got home from an all day recruiting event, I stood in front of the pantry with no creative inspiration or desire to cook. So instead, I rented some movies and decided to go for some take out.

Nothing but good old barbecue sounded good to me, so I did it up big.

BBQ chicken with onions and pickles, baked beans, potato salad and a huge piece of cornbread with honey butter.

If that isn’t comfort food, I don’t know what is.

I definitely enjoy eating like this sometimes, and I think that it’s important to treat ourselves once in a while. I’m a firm believer in the fact that no one should deprive themself!

That being said, I really do feel better and look better when I am more committed to healthy eating and exercising. I think that life calming down a little should help (recruiting is finally over, thank God!) and hopefully I have will more energy to workout.

So to kick off a week of sticking closer to my exercise routine, I went on an awesome run. And as I was running toward the beautiful Rocky Mountains, it occurred to me that I have never showed you guys where I fell in love with running!

So I’m going to take you on a virtual run with me. Ready? :)

First, we need to head out of the neighborhood down this huge hill. Trust me…running down it is way more enjoyable than running up on the way back. So enjoy this part!

Make sure to take some looks around as you run down the hill and toward the dirt road.

It’s pretty around here :)

Pretty soon, we’ll get to the dirt road, which is off limits to cars. I love that.

Pause when you get to the top of this next little hill to take a look at this view…

Then take a right!

Feel free to keep admiring the mountains. Just make sure you’re good at multitasking. I don’t want to have to cut our run short because you tripped and hurt yourself.

Good job! We’ve made it to the final stretch of the dirt road.

Feel free to say “what’s up” to the cows.

And before ya know it, we’ve made it to the fence!

If we turn around now, we will complete about 3 miles. But we can add 2-4 more by turning to the right…

…or to the left. But whatever we do, we’ve got to touch the fence! It’s bad luck if you don’t.

No wonder I love to run, huh?!

I am so spoiled by this gorgeous scenery.

And this awesome 5.5 mile run (I decided to turn to the right :) ) gave me the energy and motivation I needed to be a healthy college girl this week.

Tell me about your favorite run/workout spot! 

Is anyone else craving comfort food this time of year?! (ALL I WANT IS PUMPKIN BREAD AND COOKIES!!!)

Love you guys! xoxo

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  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

     /  October 24, 2011

    Those pictures are gorgeous, Jordan. I’m feeling very inadequate with my flat Orlando pavement haha.

  2. Wow I think I would enjoy running if I could see that gorgeous scenery, too!

    I’m definitely craving comfort food. I want to be home w/ my mom so she can make all my favorite recipes ;P

  3. That looks like the most beautiful run. I am definitely jealous!!

  4. That was a really cool idea to do! Definitely would motivate me to run around all the time if I had that to look at :)

  5. Oh my goodess, Jordan. That is BEAUTIFUL. I would love to run out there. I’m very envious.

    There’s a few paths out here there I like to run in but you were in Chicago.. Madison/Milwaukee isn’t too different and I’m sure you can agree that it’s not nearly as stunning as what you get to run by.

    I hope you tackle this week and get back on track! It always makes me feel good when I have a successful week balancing school, working out and eating good. :)

  6. Oh my word. That is absolutely gorgeous. I’m so jealous!
    And I can totally relate. I think being busy and having a hectic schedule plays a HUGE role in our eating/exercise habits. (How could it not?)
    I actually did the same thing the other night! After a long day of working, the thought of cooking made me cringe. So, I opted to get a sandwich and sweet potato fries from my favorite cafe- and I enjoyed every single bite. (:

  7. Wow your running path is beautiful!! So jealous

  8. You miss are spoiled with that beautiful scenery! I think I would still be running consistently if I had views like that to look at! It’s so gorgeous! :)

  9. From this time of year, through the end of the year is the worst and BEST time for food!!! Fall, to Halloween, which goes into the holidays… a good time for indulging, not a good time for the waist line, haha!

    I LOVE all of your pictures, look awfully familiar to my running scenes :) Although in my neck of the woods, the hills START Up, then do down.. Gorgeous though!! I Love your running spot, that’s pretty nice with the NO CARS on the dirt road, I would love that, too. Thanks for sharing the pics!!

  10. Wow those pictures are so pretty!! I would probably LOVE running if I got to see that scenery too :). And yes, all I want this time of year is a bunch of pumpkin treats haha.

  11. runningperspective

     /  October 24, 2011

    OMG i am visiting you NOWWWWWWWWW that is BEAUTIFUL you are SO SO LUCKY like honestly tho WOWW!!! so gorgeouss! and girl dont worry about your “unhealthyness” lately…we all have those days…its getting back to your normal self that counts in the end anyhow!

  12. what a beautiful run!! i think it’s great that you have such a healthy balance in life – i think that balance is actually key to healthy living, not necessarily always being strict and regimented. its going with the flow and eating what youre craving and spending time with people you love!! (i also totally crave comfort food in the cold season!)

  13. wow what an awesome running path! I think the scenery completely affects my run! my favorite place to run is on trails in the park..And I’ve definitely been craving comfort food lately!

  14. I love this post!! I so glad to see you dont deprive yourself some some comfort food when ya need it. Its reassuring to me to see that a thin, healthy girl like you eats a little unhealthy sometimes too. No wonder you go running alot, thats such pretty scenery. I love to run places where there arent alot of cars. I hate having to dodge traffic.

  15. Totally understand you, I’ve had very little motivation lately, particularly to workout!
    And sometimes takeout really is the answer when you just need something warm, easy and comforting :-)
    All of that being said you are so lucky to have such gorgeous scenery to run in, those views are just breathtaking! I need to find somewhere like that to go biking!
    Glad things are starting to calm down and you’re getting some time to relax again :-)

  16. If I had those views I would be in love with running, too! it’s all about a pretty scenery for me and that would definitely qualify!! My town has lots of hills like yours. I think it makes running more fun and interesting. My favorite part is of course doing DOWN them though haha!

  17. I am sooo jealous of this scenery!!! I would fall in love with running everyday with a view like this!! I am with you on the comfort food..I still crave my veggies, but the are paired with a cookie and pumpkin pie for sure.

  18. I totally understand you with this one! All I want is soup, mac and cheese and tons of pumpkin bread!

  19. WOW ok you officially live in the most GORGEOUS area EVER!!! I think you will have zero problems training for your next half marathon with that to look forward too :) and omg I totally feel you on the comfort food. sometimes a girl’s just gotta have barbeque! or mac and cheese if you’re me, lol. pumpkin EVERYTHING is totally where I’m at too! And I plan on keeping it that way all the way to Thanksgiving!! :-D

  20. Hahahaha where you run is SO much better than where I run! I run down a random country road where all I see are corn fields and hay bales. ;)

    I’m totally craving everything pumpkin. As I type, I’ve just finished a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin with cream cheese frosting that I made last night. Delicious! :)

  21. Wow your running route is so pretty!

    Ah, I’m craving all comfort foods too–I made pumpkin pancakes this morning!

  22. Oh my gosh I am like crying!! That is BEAUTIFUL!! Where is this?? This is exactly the place I want to move to, Florida sucks :D ahha love this.

  23. I miss your posts! Come back soon :)

  24. I think I would run more if I had pretty views like that! :) I completely agree with you about the comfort food. It’s so easy to get cozy with Starbucks and take-out! I am also studying for my boards next month, so I’ve been craving that comfort food even more!


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