Halloween Weekend

Well hi there!!

I’ve missed you!

(story of my life lately, right?)

I’m so sorry that I have been MIA once again! :( Thankfully, recruiting for internships is finally over for all of the accounting firms, so that is one less stress in my life! School hasn’t calmed down much, but that is to be expected. They say that junior year is the “weed out” year for accounting majors. It’s tough!

I know that I am a few days late, but I just wanted to update you guys on what I did over Halloween weekend!

I’ll give you a clue…

It involved this guy!!! :)

I flew out to Chicago last Thursday night to spend the weekend with my adorable boyfriend. It was such an awesome trip! We spent a day at his apartment in Chicago before heading back to his parents house in the suburbs on Friday night.

The weekend was filled with lots of fun and, of course, LOTS of good food!! And of course, the whole weekend basically revolved around pumpkins :)

We had pumpkin bagels [with pumpkin cream cheese, obvs]

Made a pumpkin chiffon pie

And by we I definitely mean Ryan’s mom. She’s an insanely amazing cook and I always LOVE eating at their house. (This isn’t a picture of the real pie…I was way too busy eating to snap a picture, duh. So this one was found here.)

And we carved pumpkins!!!

My pumpkin was insanely abnormally hard and it took me like 4 times longer to carve than Ryan’s did!!

Seriously! Look at all of the utensils that bad boy broke!! I literally ended up using a steak knife most of the time haha.

They turned out great!! (Sorry for the fuzzy bathroom picture :) )

It was a blast!

Obviously, lots of candy was also consumed.

Very few things in life are better than frozen mini snickers bars. SO legit.

Very successful Halloween weekend! :)

Miss him already!!

I was so glad to hear that some of you have been feeling similar to me lately as far as craving comfort food. Obviously, this weekend wasn’t all about eating healthy or getting awesome workouts in. It was about enjoying my boyfriend and his wonderful family.  And I think that’s okay! I have been eating healthy during the week and then if I want to splurge on the weekend (like I did this weekend with Ry) then I can! Especially this time of year, I think it’s silly to try to deprive ourselves of holiday treats. I just end up miserable and bummed out! It’s all about moderation, right?

And the good news is that since my schedule has calmed down a little bit I have had more time and energy to dedicate to great workouts. My parents recently bought a treadmill (!!!) so I have been running more frequently on that since winter has officially started to hit Colorado. I am so stoked to start half-marathon training!

I actually am considering signing up for the Colorado Marathon in May! Any Coloradoans out there that have done it or are doing it in 2012?!

Anyways! Obviously I am VERY far behind on blog reading, so I can’t wait to read about what some of you guys have been up to. Love and miss you LOTS! Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tell me what the best part of your halloween weekend was!!

Did you carve pumpkins this year??

Favorite halloween candy? Anyone else agree with me that frozen candy bars are the jam?!

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  1. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

     /  November 2, 2011

    Aw, I’m so glad that you got to spend your Halloween with Ryan :) (I’m sure you were even happier about it than I am haha). I completely agree– If you’re in a situation where you want to enjoy yourself with treats, so be it! You deserve a break with all of your healthy efforts!

  2. This was my first year in oh-so-long that I didn’t carve a pumpkin. It is a tradition to do with my dad but time slipped through my fingers. =(

    If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times but you and Ryan are too stinkin’ cute!

    You should totallly do that marathon. Mine is the end of April so we can “train” together and keep eachother motivated =)

  3. You two are adorable, glad you got to spend time with him :) Favorite Halloween candy is definitely Take 5 bars or anything with peanut butter!

  4. Aww I love you two, you make a great couple :) And I did *attempt to carve pumpkins this year, but then I realized how hard it was, well for me, and I made someone else finish the job haha…lameee
    Take 5s are great! Snickers too

  5. Yay, you are back!

    I am loving all of the pumpkin-ness in this post! So delicious and seasonal! You and the BF are super cute in all of your photos–it sounds like you had a really fun weekend together!

    The best part of my Halloween weekend was heading down to my parent’s house to celebrate my Bro-In-Law’s bday! It was fun to see everyone!

    Favorite halloween candy is probably shocktarts, sweetarts, or candy corn. I’m a sugar fanatic!

  6. Aw yay I’m so glad that you got to see your man!! I get to see mine in a week…so pumped :). I sadly didn’t do much over the halloween weekend because our plans to go out were thwarted by the random snow that we go in the northeast haha. My favorite halloween candy is reese’s pb cups!

  7. i’m loving the pumpkin theme flowing through this post!! looks like your weekend was a lot more fun, and that’s how it should be!!! don’t feel like you need to justify “splurging” or craving comfort food – those things are all normal and just a part of life, i wouldn’t even categorize that as “splurging”. best part of halloween weekend was definitely seeing everyone in their wacky costumes and just hanging out!

  8. whoops my previous comment linked to my other blog!

  9. I couldn’t agree more! I love that you don’t deprive yourself of good food and enjoying time with your man- that’s awesome. It really is about finding a balance and not letting food/exercise anxiety stand in the way of your life!
    Your pumpkin carving pictures are hilarious! It looks like you guys had an amazing time. And that bagel looks delicious! There’s nothing like a big, fluffy bagel. (:

  10. AWW what an amazing weekend!! I say this all the time but you two are the CUTEST. :) :) I’m so glad the distance thing is working out! And um….holy alskdfls….those pumpkins are INSANE. yeah I guess I carved one but it looks like a 4-year old did it compared to those hahaha! and mmm pumpkin chiffon pie…and yes to the mini candies, we gave out almond joys this year and I’m so glad there were leftovers :-P. I totally agree with holiday treats – as long as you’re being healthy most of the time and not OD’ing on them, of COURSE you can treat yourself! you only get these things once a year, after all! I totally plan on treating myself to a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (WITH the whipped cream) this week! :)

  11. Awww!! What a great weekend!! I’m glad you got to see your man again!!!! We didn’t really do much of anything for Halloween, not even pumpkin carving! Sad, haha! We did indulge is some scary movies and candy though, so not a complete loss.

    I was going to do the CO marathon last year (or well, this year) but didn’t really want to train through Winter for my first Marathon!! It looks like a great course, beautiful scenery!! Is def. on my list of races to do at some point!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. You two are so cute together :-) This sounds like a really wonderful weekend!
    I spent the weekend with my boyfriend too and I already miss him too!!
    I adore your pumpkins, I’d love to carve a pumpkin with Tom, maybe someday…
    And I definitely agree that at this time of year you shouldn’t deprive yourself of seasonal treats, the delicious food is part of the celebrations!
    Hope you’re having a fantastic week :-)

  13. Believe it or not, I didn’t eat any Halloween candy this year!! But Reese’s cups are definitely my fave!

  14. So glad you got to spend Halloween with your boyfriend! Being in a long distance relationship, you appreciate those kinds of things more. :) Love the pumpkin carving pictures too!


  16. I have a bag of mini snickers bars, which I kept in the fridge (not freezer, though). They still got really hard and took a longer time to eat, which I loved :)

    Looks like y’all had a fantastic Halloween weekend!

  17. YAYAYA for going to see lover man! Your pumpkins turned out great..if mine was that hard to carve I would have given up and done something simple…even though I already did something simple bahaha. I LOVE frozen candy!!! The best!

  18. Looks like you had SO MUCH FUN! Your pumpkins turned out amazing!! The pumpkin I attempted to carve was really really hard so it ended up turning out like poo. :P

  19. Your carved pumpkins look so awesome!!! So glad you had a good time this weekend love!!

  20. I just came across your blog and I love it!! Your faces are so hilarious in this post! I wanted to carve pumpkins this year but never got around to it :(

  21. Shannon M

     /  November 7, 2011

    Hey i just signed up for the Colorado Marathon as my first marathon. Ive heard its a beautiful and relatively fast course, you should definitely think about signing up!

  22. I haven’t done making some pumpkin for the last Halloween. Maybe for next year. :D


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