Something to think about…

While I was stalking browsing Pinterest the other day [yup, I'm obsessed, too], I came across this photo:

I have to admit…I feel like I eat every meal like a king.

Now that the weather has gotten colder, my appetite has definitely increased and I just feel hungry all.the.time.

But it definitely got me thinking. I always hear about the wonderful benefits of eating a big breakfast (which I nearly ALWAYS do).

For example:

Old fashioned oats, greek yogurt, and bloobs.

(Bowl courtesy of Quaker :) )

But typically, I don’t pay much attention to the size of my lunches or dinner. I would consider both to be fairly moderate.

The “eat dinner like a pauper” part also made me think about the common “diet” rule of no eating after 8PM…which I rarely follow either.

Definitely just something to think about!

Happy Monday, my friends!


What’s your largest meal of the day? Your smallest?

Do you think it matters?

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  1. I am addicted to Pinterest… I am on it all too often. Twitter & Pinterest are wayyy better than Facebook anyday.

    I’ve seen/heard that expression before. I always try to eat a hearty breakfast :)

  2. I’ve heard that expression before, but I’ve also seen research that says, “Calories don’t know time.” In other words, it’s the number of calories that you consume and not the time of day.

    Personally, every day really varies for me. But I always have to have a good sized breakfast. 200 calories just isn’t going to cut it for me!

  3. I was just thinking about the BIG breakfast rule today! My breakfasts are typically only about 300 calories, but this works fine for me. I usually do eat a morning snack and I ALWAYS eat an afternoon snack. My other meals are moderately sized, but probably what most women would consider to be “big”. Hey, I have a fast metabolism and I like to eat! I think snacking has helped me maintain my fast metabolism, but so many of my friends put snacking in a negative light. They think it leads to weight gain, but smart snacking actually does the opposite!

  4. Kristin

     /  November 15, 2011

    I think for people who are very physically active, it would probably be detrimental to eat dinner like a pauper. i think the saying is good for those who exercise rarely or who struggle with gluttony and/or overeating.

  5. My boyfriend actually was talking about this phrase this weekend! I probably eat the most at lunch and dinner, but I also don’t think it really matters. I think what matters most is the total number of calories that you have daily. That being said, I think that saying can be important for people who are trying to lose weight!

  6. I’ve definitely heard this before!! I think for active people such as ourselves, it doesn’t matter…but if you need to lose weight or have a slow metabolism it could be different. My biggest meal of the day is totally my bedtime snack! yeah, I snack like a king too hahaha. But it works for me because I work out in the AM before breafast – if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t want that much right before sleeping lol. But yeah now that you mention it…I eat every meal like a king too, maybe the least amount at lunch. Whatever, who wants to be a pauper anyways?? :-P

  7. I’ve heard this so many times! I definitely eat breakfast like a king but, like you, I’ve never focused much on my lunches or dinners. I just eat whatever I’m craving and/or have time for, depending on my schedule. I guess I should start paying more attention!
    As for the “no eating after a certain hour” rule? I don’t follow that at all. And frankly, I don’t think it’s necessary. Everybody lives on a different schedule and some people naturally wind up eating earlier or later than others. You just have to find what works for you!

  8. I’ve heard this so many times. I used to think I had to follow it but honestly, I just do what works for me. I eat a good size breakfast, usually a small lunch, and a good size dinner. I eat the most at dinner I feel like just because it is when I have time to really cook and eat with family. It works fine with me, and that’s all I care about:D

  9. Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance

     /  November 15, 2011

    I’ve heard this saying a lot, and it was actually very helpful to me during my weight loss journey. I used to think that eating nothing for breakfast would save me calories, but in the end it had my body holding on to extra weight.

    Now, my breakfasts are pretty massive and definitely contain more calories than my dinners and lunches (usually), but I don’t think of my eating pattern as a downward slope really

  10. Pinterest is my FAVORITE!! I am so addicted!! I think I eat all of my meals like a king too. Honestly, I think dinner is by far my biggest meal especially with dessert:)

  11. I always eat a big breakfast also! It is normally always a big bowl of oats! I don’t pay too much attention to the size of my lunches and dinners but I try to keep one of the 2 meals mainly vegetable and protein based, because I carb load during breakfast!

  12. love your blog and that breakfast looks yummmyy :)

  13. I really don’t pay attention to the size of my meals, especially since I eat multiple times a day. I say, listen to your body! Know when you’re actually hungry and not just bored. Eat what you want (in moderation) when you want!

  14. I think we’re both on the same boat..I often feel like my meals are ‘king like’ often! I love a big breakfast, moderate sized lunch and dinner, and smaler snacks. I don’t think it matters too much how you space your meals long as your not stuffing yourself before bed or something, ha

  15. I have heard that saying before too… I actually need to work on eating more in the morning, so this does resonate with me a bit!

  16. I definitely eat my meals in reverse order–with breakfast being my biggest. I just get so hungry between 6am and noon, and then not so much the rest of the day. Strange!

  17. I love waking up hungry in the morning because big breakfasts set my day up right. So I *try* to follow hte no eating after a certain time. But when a girls gotta, a girls gotta eat.

  18. runningperspective

     /  November 19, 2011

    loveeeeeee pinterest!
    and i have heard this before! but i usually keep my meals around the same size! keeps me at a constant energy throughout the day


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