WIAW [and a workout]

Welcome to my second ever WIAW post! :)

After a week of eating way too much food and way too many treats, my body is definitely in need of some moderation and some nutrients.

I’m trying to get back into a normal, healthy eating pattern for the next few weeks so that I can feel good about indulging a bit during Christmas. So I figured doing a What I Ate Wednesday post would help me stay accountable!

Breakfast (3rd day in a row):

Protein Smoothie!

Blueberries, vanilla protein powder, 1/2 banana, and blackberries. Icy, cold and delicious.

Offset by a hot, foamy almond milk latte.

(Can you tell our Christmas decorations have made an appearance?! I will take pictures and share soon!)

After my first class, I snacked on a Chewy Granola Bar with one of the Jonas Brothers’ faces on it.

And then I went to ChewySuperstar.com.
Ha. Kidding.

Despite the fact that I still eat little kid snacks and pack my lunch in a polka dot lunch box, I really am in college!


Apparently I was still in the mood for breakfast food when I packed my lunch this morning.

Chobani Lemon (aka the best Chobani flavor everrr), 1 cup of Kashi Go Lean, and more blackberries.

Between the protein in the yogurt and the cereal, this kept me full for forever. I didn’t even bust into my midafternoon snack till around 4:30! It consisted of…

Some sugar snap peas and a Laughing Cow cheese wedge.

Since I had a day full of class followed by an entire evening at work, I had to pack up all of my meals and snacks so that I could eat on the go.

Dinner (eaten at work): leftovers.

Pulled chicken with bbq sauce, shredded cabbage w/ lite Asian Sesame dressing, and baked beans.

Looks gross, tasted delicious.

Somehow, I managed to fit all of that food into my awesome lunchbox:

Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

And as exciting as THAT was, I want to share with you the best part of this post: an awesome new workout!

Ryan taught me this workout last week while we were in Tennessee. I immediately loved the fact that you could vary it as much as you want, and make it as hard or as easy as you’re in the mood for.

First, you need one of these.

Ryan does this workout by simply alternating two moves: push ups and crunches. I decided to shake it up a bit and add in a couple more exercises.

For this workout, I decided to targetĀ upper body and abdominals.

I designated upper body to black cards, and abdominals to red cards.

Then, I picked the exercises that would target each muscle group: bicep curls and burpees for upper body, and crunches and v-ups for abdominals.

After you pick your exercises, your goal is to work through the entire deck of cards as quickly as possible. Flip a card, and do an exercise specified to the muscle group color for as many reps as are represented by the face value. Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces all represent 10 reps.

For example, let’s say I draw this card:

I would do 10 crunches. The next time I draw a red card, I would do v-ups.

The goal is to make it through all 52 cards as quickly as possible.

After flipping over 52 cards and doing your 4 exercises nonstop, I can pretty much guarantee that you will work up a sweat!!

I finished the entire deck in under 30 minutes and rounded out my workout with 30 minutes of treadmill intervals. It was a great way to switch up my routine a bit.

It feels good to be back on the wagon of healthy eating and exercise! Anyone else with me?!

Happy Wednesday, my friends!!

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  1. I love the look of this workout! It sounds like so much fun.
    And I’ve been eating breakfast food for lunch a lot lately. It’s so weird, I’ve just been craving it like crazy. Oh well- no complaints there! And your lunchbox is adorable.

  2. Love your lunchbox! I have one, too. Don’t be ashamed, girl! :)

  3. The workout’s such an interesting way for changing up your usual routine! And loving your eats. :D

  4. I will have to try this workout so I can have super sweet abs and an awesome smile like you two sexy kids! The protein smoothies look sooo good..I need to bust out the Blendtec more..call me crayyyyzeee but I like smoothies more in the winter than I do in the summer!

  5. Great workout idea!

    I have a polka dot lunch box too! I love those Laughing Cow cheese wedges! mmm

  6. Haha! You cracked me up when you said you ate the bar and then went to the website lol

  7. Oooh that looks like FUN! I think I might have to bust out a deck of cards!! I just did a 30-20-10 at home workout, which also worked up quite the sweat.. but seems similar to the card dealio!

    And yes.. I am impressed you got all the food in your lunch box :) And you are never too old to ROCK OUT!! LOL!!

  8. I’m so unorganized when planning my meals – I feel like I never bring enough food to work! Your latte is gorgeous!

  9. dude that is such a fun workout! and by the end of it you’ve done a buttload of crunches and pushups and whatnots, I looooooooove it! And if ever there is a time when I have to pack all of my meals and snacks for the day, I am going to come back to your blog to see how its done lol – so organized and you’ve got stuff that’ll stay delicious till you’re ready to eat it!

  10. your lunchbox is super cute! That sounds like a great and fun workout–a way to spice things up a little bit.

    I am now craving blackberries so bad!!

  11. I have been out of protein powder and miss my smoothies like craazzzyyy!!! I cannot wait to make them again, yours looks too deelish.
    I’ve been obsessed with blackberries too! I heard about this workout and I reallly need to try it :)

  12. Mmm. Yum! I am obsessed with blackberries. Definitely one of my favorites! All of this looks so yummy and healthy!
    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


  13. runningperspective

     /  December 2, 2011

    LOVE THIS WORKOUT! i am totally doing it!!!!!!!!
    also…um I LOVE your glass jar for your smoothie!!!!!!! its so so cute where did you get it and if you could just send me that smoothie too because it looks DELICIOUS! love your lunchbox too!!! i need to get one ASAP for my internship coming up its so so cutee!!!!!
    um i love you and ryan i am obsessed in case you wanted to know aka i am your biggest fan! hahaha
    love youuuu!!!!!i wish we lived closer so we could do a meet up because you are the cutest everr!!<3

  14. This is such a great workout!! I am always looking to kick my own butt with workouts haha, and this should do the trick!
    And yess please to your lunchbox, so cute :)

  15. i still need to try the lemon chobani flavor! that workout sounds awesome!

  16. Love all of your eats! :) Also love your lunchbox!


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