Hi :)

Wow guys…I am so sorry that I have completely disappeared from the blog world.

My life has just been entirely too busy to even THINK about blogging or even reading blogs. I haven’t read blogs in so long that I didn’t even know Janae is pregnant!!! SO EXCITING!!

In my absence from blogging, I have still received so many comments and emails asking how I am doing and asking me to return to the blog and I have been so incredibly touched by that! You guys are completely wonderful. I wish so much that this could be a bigger part of my life, but at this point I just can’t promise that it will be. School is still insanely busy, I have two jobs, and I’m still trying to maintain my fitness, my social life, and my sanity!

But here are few updates of what has happened in the last coupe of months!

I turned 21!! 

I got an AWESOME birthday present…

His name is Chandler, and I am absolutely head-over-heels in love with him. 

I ran TWO more half-marathons!

My mom, sister and I all ran the Sarasota Half Marathon in March.

I ran the Horsetooth Half Marathon with my friends Kristen and Jessi last weekend!

This race was TOUGH! You start out on a hill at 6% incline…and shortly after tackle a 9% incline! LOTS of hills. But so worth it!

I started a new eating plan that was given to me by a guy who does body competitions.

Don’t worry…I’m not trying to look like this:


Yeah…not exactly what I’m shooting for! :)

Just trying to eat clean and get back into shape for BIKINI SEASON! Can you believe summer is right around the corner?!

Anyways, I guess that’s about it for what has been going on…just staying real busy and missing you guys like crazy! Please tell me how you’re doing, and I will try to get some time in the next few days to catch up on your blogs.

Love you all!!


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  1. Ahhh Jordan welcome back!!! I’ve been thinking about you and where the heck you have been. It was nice to see your blog pop up in my reader :D So glad you are doing well and have so many great things going on! Yay for 21 (happy belated bday) and your new pup, so adorable!!

  2. Nice to hear an update from you. :) Take care and keep in touch!! ;)

  3. YAYAYA for turning 21 and running TWO more half’s..you are a beast!! You are still as gorgeous as ever, and are VERY missed in the blog world!! I am so glad to hear you are doing well!!

    ADORABLE pooch!

  4. Glad you’re doing well – happy belated birthday! :)

  5. Happy belated birthday!! I have missed you lots…but totally understand why you’ve been gone! Chandler is adorable!! Thanks for the update. Hope you and Ryan are doing well!

  6. Kate @ Work in Progress

     /  April 27, 2012

    YAY YAY YAY YOU’RE BACK!!!!! I missed you!! I totally understand the busy thing though, I never could have had a blog when I was in college. CONGRATS on turning 21 (happy belated birthday!) and omg a puppy!! gahhhhhh! And it makes me so happy that you’ve run TWO half marathons, staying injury free, love it!! OH ps, I dunno where in Colorado you live but I’m moving to CO Springs in June so if that’s close to you we should totally do a blogger meetup! :-D

    • Kate @ Work in Progress

       /  April 27, 2012

      oh and I have a new blog too, in case you’re confused by my name and are like “umm who is this chick” lol :)

  7. awong90

     /  April 27, 2012

    Yay!!! so happy you are doing well and hope to read more from you! happy bday!

  8. Happy belated birthday! Nice to see you back and see you have been doing well! Congrats on the two half marathons holy moly!! Would love to hear more about your new eating plan :)
    All the best!!!

  9. YAYYY!! I am so glad that you’re back!! I’ve been checking every few days for updates and I could hardly believe my eyes when I just looked and your post was new!! I can’t wait to hear more about how you’re doing. Happy belated birthday and awesome job on the 1/2 marathons! Horray for good health and happiness :)

  10. I always looked for new posts from you in my google reader and smiled when I saw you had a new one! I haven’t blogged in a while either (last semester of college is BUSY!) but can’t wait to return this summer. Miss ya lady !

  11. Aw, your new little puppy is so cute! Hope all is going well!

  12. Kristin

     /  July 23, 2012

    Come back!! We miss you!!


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